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WAWA/WeAreWideAwake is my Public Service to America as a muckracker who has journeyed seven times to Israel Palestine since June 2005. WAWA is dedicated to confronting media and governments that shield the whole truth.

We who Are Wide Awake are compelled by the "fierce urgency of Now" [Rev MLK, Jr.] to raise awareness and promote the human dialogue about many of the crucial issues of our day: the state of our Union and in protection of democracy, what life is like under military occupation in Palestine, the Christian EXODUS from the Holy Land, and spirituality-from a Theologically Liberated Christian Anarchist POV.

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Garth Hewitt - From The Brokern Heart Of Gaza
Garth Hewitt:
From the Broken Heart
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FACTS ABOUT THE WALL from friends in Bethlehem

Read the truth about the Wall and what is happening today in the Holy City of Bethlehem.


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George Washington's Farewell Address - 1796

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Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that, among these, are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; and, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it. -July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence


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May 3, 2010
May 3, 2010: Ahmadinejad at the UN

Full Ahmadinejad UN Nuclear Nonproliferation Speech 2010

Ahmadinejad UN Speech English transcript

Dear friends,

         The Pursuit of sustainable security is an inherent and instinctive part of human
being and a historical quest. No country can afford to ignore its security. The Divine
prophets and the righteous also sought to offer guidelines, in the light of their faith in
God and Divine teachings, to assure a safe and serene life in both worlds. To them,
the ideal society is a society of global scale based on the monotheism and justice and
replete with security, affection and brotherliness, and which is led by the noblest
servant of God along with the Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H) and other righteous people.

         In the absence of sustainable security, it would be impossible to take
comprehensive plan for development and welfare.

        Today, although a major part of the nations' resources are being allocated to
providing national security, there is hardly any sign of an improvement in the
circumstances as far as the perceived threats are concerned.

        Regrettably, due to distancing of some States from the teachings of the Divine
Prophets, the shadow of the threat of nuclear bombs is cast over the whole world, and
no one feels secured. Some States define in their strategies the nuclear bomb as an
element of stability and security, and this is one of their big mistakes.

        The production and possession of a nuclear bomb, under whatever pretext be
done, is a very dangerous act which first and foremost makes the country of
production and stockpiling exposed. You may recall that how perilous was the
unintentional transfer of a nuclear-tipped missile with a bomber from a military base
to another one in the United States and which became a matter of concern for the
American people. Secondly, the sole function of the nuclear weapons is to annihilate
all living beings and destroy the environment, and its radiations would affect the
coming generations and its negative impacts would continue for centuries.

        The nuclear bomb is a fire against humanity rather than a weapon for defense.

        The possession of nuclear bombs is not a source of pride; it is rather disgusting
and shameful. And even more shameful is the threat to use or to use such weapons,
which is not even comparable to any crime committed throughout the history.

        Those who committed the first atomic bombardment are considered to be
among the most hated in history.

        For over sixty years, the United Nations, in particular the Security Council has
been unable to establish sustainable security and create the sense of security in
international relations, and the current international circumstances seem to be far
more challenging than those of the past decades.

         Wars, aggressions and above all the shadow of threat and stockpiling of
 nuclear armaments, and worse than all, the policies applied by few expansionist
 States, have obscured the prospect of international security for every one. Nowadays,
 the communities' mindset is largely affected by a sense of intimidation and insecurity.
Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation have not come true, and the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has not been successful in discharging its mandate.
 During the past four decades, some, including the Zionist regime, have been equipped
with nuclear arms.

         So, what really is the cause?

To answer this question, one should look into the policies and practices of certain States as well as the inefficacy of and imbalance in the pillars of the NPT, some of which are as following:

  1- Seeking dominance

         From the perspective of the Divine Prophets and the righteous and according
to all humane concepts, the supremacy, happiness and maturity of mankind is
measured by his morality, piety, modesty and devotion to fellow human beings.
Unfortunately, relying on the theory of struggle for survival, some States seek their
superiority through the power of threatening and suppressing others, and sow the
seeds of hatred, enmity and arms race in the international relations. Their biggest
mistake is their assumption that "might" makes "right".

2- The policy of producing and using nuclear weapons

         The first atomic weapons were produced and used by the United States. This
seemed, apparently, to provide the United States and its allies with the upper hand in
the World War II. However, it became the main source of development and the spread
of nuclear weapons by the others and brought about nuclear arms race. The
production, stockpiling, and qualitative improvement of nuclear armaments in a given
country have served as the best justification for the others to develop their own
arsenals, a trend that has sustained over the past forty years in violation of the
commitments set forth in the NPT.

3- Nuclear Weapon as a means for deterrence

         This policy is the main cause of the escalation of the arms race, since
deterrence requires having an edge in both quality and quantity of weapons, which
itself fuels the nuclear race. There are reportedly more than 20,000 nuclear warheads
worldwide half of which belongs to the United States. The other competing party also
continues the development of nuclear weapon under the pretext of deterrence. Both of
them constitute violation of obligations under the NPT.

4- Threat to use nuclear weapons

         Regrettably, the government of the United States has not only used nuclear
weapons, but also continues to threaten to use such weapons against other countries,
including Iran. Another country from the Europe also made a similar nuclear threat
under a false pretext a few years back. The Zionist regime, too, consistently threatens
the Middle Eastern countries.

   5- The instrumental exploitation of the Security Council and International
  Atomic Energy Agency

           Enjoying especial privileges in the highest global security decision-making
  bodies and in the IAEA, certain nuclear weapon States widely exploit these platforms
   against the non-nuclear weapon States, contrary to the spirit of the NPT. This unjust
  practice, repeated over and over, has turned into a pattern.
           So far, none of the non-nuclear weapon States has ever been able to exercise
  their inalienable and legal rights for peaceful use of nuclear energy without facing
  pressures and threats. While despite clear provisions of article VI of the Treaty and
  the Statute of the IAEA, no single report has been issued by the IAEA inspectors on
  the nuclear weapons facilities of the United States and its allies, nor is there any plan
  for their disarmament, resolutions have been adopted against non-nuclear weapon
   States under the pressure of the same States and under false pretext and with the clear
  intention of denying them their recognized legal rights.
  6- Using double standards

           While the Zionist regime which has stockpiled hundreds of nuclear warheads,
  has waged many wars in the region and continues to threaten the people and nations
  of the region with terror and invasion, enjoys the unconditional support of the United
  States government and its allies and receives, as well, the necessary assistance to
  develop its nuclear weapon program. The same States impose various kinds of
  pressures on the members of the IAEA on the false pretext of probable diversions in
  their peaceful nuclear activities without providing even a single credible proof to
  substantiate their allegation.

  7- Equating nuclear weapon with nuclear energy

           Nuclear energy is among the cleanest and cheapest sources of energy. Severe
  climate change and environmental pollution caused by fossil fuel has intensified the
  need to expand the use of nuclear energy. Almost 7 million barrels of oil are needed
  for the continual generation of 1000 megawatt of electricity in a year which by
  today's crude oil price costs over 500 million dollars, while the cost of generating the
  same capacity with nuclear energy is around 60 million dollars. Generally, the
  investment needed to construct and utilize a nuclear power plant is far less than half of
  the cost of a power plant operating with fossil fuels during its lifespan. The nuclear
  technology can be effectively and widely applied in the production of medical
  isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases as well as in industry,
  agriculture and in other fields.

           One of the gravest injustices committed by the nuclear weapon States is
  equating nuclear arms with nuclear energy. As a matter of fact, they want to
  monopolize both the nuclear weapons and the peaceful nuclear energy, and by doing
  so to impose their will on the international community. The aforementioned issues are
  all against the spirit of the NPT and in flagrant violation of its provisions.
 8- Imbalance in the pillars of the NPT and the IAEA mandates

         Although the NPT has as its key mandate the mission for prevention of nuclear
 arms race, nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation as well as inalienable right of the
 member States to use peaceful nuclear energy, however, the most difficult conditions
 have been put in the mechanisms and regulations for the countries seeking peaceful
use of nuclear energy. On the contrary, no effective mechanism has been devised to
 address the actual threat of nuclear weapons, which must be in fact the most important
mission of the IAEA. All efforts in this respect have been only limited to talks that
lack any binding force guarantee and effectiveness. The IAEA has been putting the
most possible pressures on non-nuclear weapon States under the pretext of
proliferation risks, whilst those having nuclear bombs continue to enjoy full immunity
and exclusive rights.
Dear friends,

        It is now clear that the production and stockpiling of nuclear weapons and
policies practiced by some nuclear weapon States, along with the weakness of and the
imbalance in the NPT provisions have been the main causes of insecurity and served
as an incentive for the development of such weapons.

        Today, nuclear disarmament, elimination of nuclear threat and non-
proliferation are regarded as the greatest service to establishing sustainable peace and
security and amity.

The question is, however, whether granting extraordinary authority in the IAEA to the
nuclear weapon States and entrusting them with the critical issue of nuclear
disarmament is appropriate? It would be nai've and irrational to expect an effective
voluntary initiative towards disarmament and non-proliferation, simply because they
consider nuclear weapons an element of superiority.
        As an Iranian saying reads: "A knife never cuts its own handle "

        Expecting the major arms dealers to work for the establishment of security is
an illogical expectation.

        The government of the United States which is the main suspect in the
production, stockpiling and use and threat of the use of nuclear weapons, insists to
assume the leadership role in reviewing the NPT. The U.S. administration, in its
recently released Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), has announced that it will neither
produce new nuclear weapons nor will it attack non-nuclear weapon States by nuclear

        The United States has never respected any of its commitments. One may ask
how much could nations possibly trust the US to implement its commitments? What
are the guarantees for living up to such commitments?

And what are the tools for its independent verification? It should be bom in mind that in the past decades the United States has had most of its wars and conflicts with those who were once its friends.

Furthermore, under the same NPR, some member States of the IAEA which are also
committed members of the NPT have been threatened to be the target of a pre-
emptive nuclear strike. The United States government has always tried to divert the
public opinion's attention from its noncompliance and unlawful actions by bringing
into focus some misleading issues. They have recently raised the issue of nuclear
terrorism as part of their efforts to maintain and upgrade their nuclear arsenals on one
hand, and divert world public opinion from the issue of disarmament and direct them
toward phony matters, on the other, while arming the terrorists with nuclear weapons
are only conceivable by those States which posses such weapons and have used them
and also have a long record of supporting terrorists.

         In its NPR, the U.S. has kept silent regarding nuclear strike against certain
nuclear weapon States in order to concentrate the propaganda pressure on certain
independent nations.

         This is while certain major terrorist networks are supported by the U.S.
intelligence agencies and the Zionist regime. Credible evidence is available in this
connection that will be publicized, if needed, during the forthcoming conference on
global fight against terrorism in Tehran.

         In the NPR, it is noted that the U.S. will not develop new nuclear weapons, but
they will continue to improve them qualitatively. The qualitative improvement of
nuclear weapons is tantamount to increase in lethality and destructive power of such
weapons, which itself signifies the vertical proliferation. In addition, these policies are
not verifiable, because there is no supervision by any independent authoritative body
on nuclear programs of the United States and its allies.

         Comparing the Washington Nuclear Security Summit with the Tehran Nuclear
Disarmament and Non-proliferation Conference, the efforts of the host of the former
were aimed at preserving the monopoly over the nuclear weapons and superiority on
other countries, while in the latter Conference all participants were seeking a world
free from nuclear weapons. The motto of the Tehran Conference was, "Nuclear
Energy for all, Nuclear Weapons for no one".

Mr. President, Distinguished delegates,

        To realize the humane aspiration for nuclear disarmament and non-
proliferation as well as the peaceful use of nuclear energy, I would like to offer the
following proposals:

1 - Review and accomplishment of the NPT:
        The NPT should be evolved to Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
    Treaty (D.N.P.T) and the nuclear disarmament must be put at the core of its
    mandates through transparent, binding, and effective mechanisms buttressed with
    solid international guarantees.

2- Establishment of an independent international group with full authority from the
     Conference to prepare a set of guidelines to operationalize the provisions of article
    VI of the NPT, including planning and fully supervising nuclear disarmament and
    preventing proliferation. The group should conduct its work with effective participation of all
    independent countries, by setting a deadline for complete elimination of all
    nuclear weapons, within a specified timetable.

3- Introduction of legally-binding comprehensive security guarantees without
    discrimination or precondition until the achievement of a complete nuclear
    disarmament on the part of the nuclear weapon States.

4- Immediate termination of all types of research, development or improvement of
    nuclear weapons and their related facilities, as well as introduction of a
    verification mechanism by the above-mentioned group.

5- Adoption of a legally binding instrument on the full prohibition of production,
    stockpiling, improvement, proliferation, maintaining and use of nuclear weapons.

6- Suspension of membership in the Board of Governors of the IAEA for those
    States which use or threat to use nuclear weapons.

        The presence and political influence of these States has so far prevented the
    IAEA from performing its mandates, particularly with regard to articles IV and VI
    of the Treaty, and has caused the Agency to deviate from conducting its
    authorized missions. In particular, how could the government of the United States
    be a member of the Board of Governors while it has not only used nuclear bomb
    against Japan but also used depleted uranium weaponries in Iraq war?

7- Cessation of all kinds of nuclear cooperation with non-member States of NPT and
    adoption of effective punitive measures against all those States which continue
    their cooperation with such non-member States.

8- Considering any threat to use nuclear weapons or attack against peaceful nuclear
    facilities as a breach of international peace and security, and swift reaction from
    the United Nations and termination of all cooperation of NPT member States with
    the threatening/aggressor State.

9- Immediate and unconditional implementation of the resolution adopted by 1995
    Review Conference on the establishment of a nuclear free zone in the Middle

10- Dismantling of nuclear weapons stationed in the military bases of the United
    States and its allies in other countries, including Germany, Italy, Japan, and the

11- Collective effort to reform the structure of the Security Council.

          The current structure of the Security Council is extremely unfair and
 inefficient and mainly serves the interests of the nuclear weapon States. Reforming
 the structure of the Council along with reviewing and accomplishing the NPT are
 interrelated and essential for realization of the IAEA's objectives.

  Distinguished Delegates,
         Representing a great, civilized and rich-in-culture nation of Iran, who has
 always been the herald of worshiping God, justice and peace in the world, I announce
 the readiness of the Islamic republic of Iran to partake in the materialization of those
proposals and just plans on disarmament and non-proliferation, as well as peaceful use
 of clean nuclear energy.
         I pronounce that a nation which has bread great pesonalities such as Ferdousi,
 Hafez, Sanaee, Vahsh Bafghee, Avicenna, Aboureihan, Shahriar, and other
 independent and freedom-seeker, intellectual and wise personalities like Imam
 Khomeini, and bestowed them to the humanity; a nation which has always called for
 love, compassionate, and peace for mankind; a nation the poem of whose great poet
 Saadi is glaring in the United Nations which: "Of one Essence is the human race,
Thusly has Creation put the Base"; a nation which abolished slavery 2500 years ago, I
mean the great nation of Iran, is not in need of nuclear bombs for its development and
dose not regard it a source of honor and dignity.

         The logic and will of the Iranian nation is a reflection of the logic and will of
all nations.

         All nations love peace, brotherhood, and monotheism and suffer from
discrimination and injustice.

Many of my colleagues, the heads of States, and many ofsympathetic and justice-seeker dignitaries and commentators, in their talks with me, have shared this view that there is a dire need for global disarmament and expansion of peaceful use of clean nuclear energy and breaking the monopoly imposed in these fields, as contained in the foregoing proposals.

This is the heartfelt demand of all independent nations and States that: "Nuclear energy for every one, Nuclear weapon for no one."

Accordingly, my presence and the essence of my statement here in this very Conference is only a representation of their presence and demands.
Distinguished Colleagues,

         Now, may I say a few words to those who still maintain that production and
stockpiling of nuclear weapons are sources of their power and dignity.

         They must realize that the era of reliance on nuclear bomb has already passed.
Production, stockpiling and the threat to use weapon, in particular nuclear weapon, is
for people characterized by lack of consistent logic and wise behavior. Using threat

against the strong logic belongs to the past and is not viable anymore. Current era is
the age of nations, thoughts and cultures. Relying on weapons in international
relations is the legacy of unwise and anachronic States.

         It is crystal clear that the hegemonic policy has failed and the dreams for
establishing new empires are vain hopes and will never come true.

          Rather than continuing with the failed policy of the predecessors, It would be
better to join the wide and transparent ocean of nations, independent states and human
wisdom and culture. This would be in their best interest. The future belongs to the
nations. Security, peace and justice would be established by righteous people and
perfect man throughout the world. The power of logic would prevail over the logic of
power. There will be no room in the future for bullying and the arrogant. Common
movement of the nations throughout the world for fundamental reforms based on
monotheism and justice has already begun in international relations.

          I invite Mr. Obama, the President of the United States to join this humane
movement, if he is still committed to his motto of "change", since tomorrow would be
too late for this. I would like to appreciate the efforts of the President of the
Conference, distinguished audience and all those who strive for the establishment of
peace and justice in the world.

Dear friends,

         Through cooperation and solidarity and harmony, our aspiration for
establishing a world blessed with justice and peace is achievable, and the motto of
"nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none" is the basis for interaction among
human beings as well as between human and nature.

        Let's hope for a day on which through realization of justice, no one will be
infuriated, and even if so happened, let's hope again no weapon would be found to
satisfy it.

                              Greeting to justice and liberty,
                              Greeting to love and affection,
        Greeting to followers of the school of compassionate, and human who loves
human, I wish you all, success and prosperity.


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